Performing the very best in Latin, World, and American music

Sambita will combine music from all over the world with the professionalism that comes with 25 years of performance. An amazing reputation to please any crowd, this band is dedicated to the authenticity of the multiple music styles they play. From the large range of Latin-American to traditional Jewish Klezma to folkloric cultural music, Sambita is the one band who can play it all. Our musicality comes from all over the world, including Jamaica, Brazil, St.Thomas, Puerto Rico, and Guatemala. And not only does this band please clients with specific styles of music from around the world, but they can dive right into American popular music for any diversity on the dance floor. Sambita is your choice for entertainment from around the world and from right at home. Also available as a duo or trio for cocktail receptions.


Latin Tracks

"Versatility is the key"
Listed below are demo tracks which feature songs from many different styles of Latin music. From Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata and American pop Latin hits.  Enjoy!